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What a Call Center Can Do for Your Business

While business growth is always welcome, many small operations often suffer from the growing pains associated with gaining new customers. It can be a challenge to keep up with demand when your marketing efforts have proven successful. While it may be great to have the phones ringing off the hook, it can cost your company [...]

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The Importance of W3C Compliance for Cross-Browser Compatibility

Is compliance to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards really that important? How is it so for Cross-Browser Compatibility? The browser is the most popular means to access the Web. Many users have numerous options as to what web browser to use. For this matter, cross-browser compatibility is one of the significant reasons for [...]

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Web Standards Compliant Web Development

Web Standards compliant code is key to taking web development to the next level. Web design can be done, and web solutions developed without adhering to the demands of Web Standards compliance, it is true. But that would not be taking web development to the next level. SEO friendly web design requires clean, high quality code, and Web Standards compliance ensures clean, high-quality code. Web Standards compliant web design is by nature SEO friendly website design.

The focus of this website is Web Standards compliance. The focus of the designer and developer is SEO friendly website design that is at once affordable, of high quality, and delivered with reliability and responsibility. This designer is dedicated to exploring and extending the uses of Web Standards compliant web design in assuring quality work, while maintaining affordability for the buyer.