Best WordPress Sharing Plugins of 2012

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Plugins are nothing but providing additional features in the customized piece. Internet era is growing in tremendous speed and trillions of blogs are available and all are getting popularized by means of social networking media and Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress. Let us see the best of it.


Marketing trends are happening via social networking sites and they need to be present always in a blog page. Sharebar plugin when get used, social sharing buttons are available to the left of a blog post in a floating pattern which is highly noticeble and it can be customized to have either in link or button pattern. There are options to add all social networking sites and change the background or border color etc.,

Sexy Bookmarks

This plugin provides in the form of social bookmarking menu to blog posts or entire web pages or with index. Importantly it will provide statistical analytics to track the shares.


Actionable social bookmarks to blog posts content or below the post in a ‘Call To Action’ box will be seen in the blog when this plugin get added. Tool tip text kind of messages also get added to the buttons. Any plugin is set to be productive if it has customized buttons to make small, big or tall and provisions to change background and border. Socialize plugin wins as it got all facilities.

Share This

From name itself it is guessed that this plugin enables users to share content through all social networking sites, Like, Send etc., Different stylish patterns in the form of icons or with big buttons with counter are available and hence giving the options for selecting the styles.

Smart Social WordPress plugin

This is the paid plugin for the rate of 6$ and it is the plugin with cool hover effect. Ultimate feature is sharing the content in the blog with customizable features.


SocioFluid falls under Social Bookmarking or Sharing Plugin category, initially displaying small icons, that grows when the mouse is moved over.


The AddThis has 330 popular services and hence visitor can easily bookmark and share your site easily with over. Customization according to the needs are the excellent feature of this plugin.


Sociable is a free plugin and hence bloggers using it in almost all of their blogs. Sharing is possible as almost many social networking sites are given here. it’s totally free.

Twitter, Facebook Like,G+ one Social share

Specific WordPress plugin meant for twitter, facebook, Google +1 etc., Sharing buttons can be added in the formats namely before, after and in floating style to post contents. Customization features are also there.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg all in one is the nice social share buttons plugin in the floating format by displaying all popular social sharing buttons with count. Customizable as well.


For sure, social sharing plugins are more advantageous in order to get popular the blog. Marketing nowadays happening via plugins and bloggers need to thank for the wordpress sharing plugins.


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