Creative way to make CSS animated sprite in Photoshop

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As you see the web designers getting an edge over the newly added CSS3 features, the web design seems to become an unexplored arena with several new techniques seen getting added up. One of the most exotic aspects of CSS is the capacity to animate without actually adding up the scripting thing. Though this brings in a number of opportunities yet the older methods have many things to give you. The CSS sprite could be considered as the most happening methods to alleviate the page load time along with giving some of the most creative designs on earth in Photoshop. Let’s check out some of the creative ways to make a CSS animated sprite in Photoshop.



You could create a document in Photoshop or any other image editor. You can make the image taller than keeping it wide in order to suit the character standing upright. For better and creative design, you need a transparent background there, which will allow you to see behind the character drawn in the design at the later stage.

Working with outlines

You can sketch out some of the basic outlines of your character, which can separate each and every body part in various layers. While working with the outlines, you do not have to worry about the details simply over the draft on the paper followed by scanning the picture and using it like a guide or simply feel like your way by heading with filled ovals rotated to create a primary body.

The shading effects

You could use a couple of simple shading effects by making out the character to appear more like a three dimensional figure. For each and every facial element, you have the option of using the source color via the eyedropper tool, which helps you in painting the top of your design with the help of a set of brush to multiply for the shadows and set for the screen in case you are interested in highlighting anything in your design.

Adding 8 bit effect

In order to add full on eight bit effect in your design, you can outline each and every elements through a layer style with the stroke set up to 1px. While working, you need to keep in mind that the stroke is all adjusted to multiply and decrease the opacity feature of the effect seen within the dialogue box of layer styles simply to avoid the overpowering thing in the design.

Add styles

In order to add styles in the design, you are supposed to start file by adding a styles set defining your designed character’s height, width and background picture. You could think of incorporating the first animation over the start of the HTML document and adjust different values over the character’s dimensions. You could tweak the animation and design as per the tone.

Animating your design

You can return to your CSS and HMTL. You could add key frames simply to animate the background of the design. By creating styles of each and every ground element, applying and placing keyframes at different changing pace as per the proximity towards the camera. You could even think of adding parallax effect in your design.

Final word

The CSS sprite can be called as the most incredible thing to reduce the page load time along with giving the platform to design something very creative in Photoshop. The above are some of the creative ways to make a CSS animated sprite in Photoshop.


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