Discovering Hiking and Biking Trails Using Google Earth

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It’s not easy finding biking and hiking trails, especially if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. I am speaking from personal experience. It was therefore a great moment when Google came up (as usual) with Google Earth with biking and hiking trails. It seems they purchased it from the CIA – I mean Google Earth. Now what on Earth the CIA would be doing with it is left to your imagination. Maybe, the staff planned their weekend escapes with it!

Using Google Earth for finding trails

First off you have to download Google Earth to your desktop. There is also a mobile version available as a free download. Once you have installed the application you have to go to the Google Gallery and get the hiking layer which is now an external user layer and you are done.

Sharing your images within Google earth

Google is a universe where you can do anything. There was a time when I used to visit exotic locales and click some fabulous photographs. I had to wait an eternity to share them with my friends and family. No longer. I simply have to click away and within Google earth I can now start sharing them. You need a Google+ account which I suppose everyone has.

Partnering with Trimble Outdoors

Hiking and biking enthusiasts need no introduction to Trimble. Now they have partnered with Google earth to provide some fantastic information on thousands of trails across the world.  You can now download trails on your GPS enabled phone and you are well on your way to a grand hiking experience. You can personalize the trails and create web pages which can be shared with others. You can even download audio clips on specific trails – I am sure this is music to the ears of hiking enthusiasts.  There are probably a hundred other things you can do with Trimble Outdoors.

Other uses of Google Earth

I have to share this information with my readers. You must experience the 3D imagery which is the best part of Google Earth. You can fly through hundreds of cities and have a virtual 3D tour which even includes images of trees- will you believe it? I have spent hundreds of hours flying through this fantastic world and so can you.

Google Earth Version 7.0.2

It has over eleven thousand 3D tours and counting. It can be used on both mobiles and desktop, though viewing 3D on a larger screen is recommended (by me). Here you can find every little piece of information – streets, shops, theatres, bookstores …….


Every biker and hiker needs Google Earth. With it you can plan your trails perfectly and never get lost again. You can upload your photographs on the go. With a GPS enabled phone you can get the latest updates on the weather. If you an armchair explorer there can be nothing better than Google Earth to take a virtual tour of the universe – even Mars and Moon.


About the guest author: Sarah lamb tries hard to combine work with pleasure. Here she has explored use of technology for her wild hiking explorations.   For hikers and bikers she recommends these reviews and tips.

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